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iBanking on any device anywhere anytime

The research on e-banking has shown that clients want to have a constant access to the account balance, to make payments in a simple way (using predefined payment templates) and to access their bank account from any device. Based on this research, iBanking system that represents a unique banking solution has been developed.

The access to one’s bank account via iBanking solution is available from any electronic device with Internet access. Categorization of costs is also enabled, which represents the first step towards a clearer budgeting.

Previous e-banking solutions made it clear they were online banking and that they were a substitute for going to the bank. If we stick to that analogy, iBanking is better than going to the bank, since it gives the client much more information than they can obtain over the counter. That is why online banking is no longer the appropriate name – now we can call it BankingOnline.

iBanking gives the banks the freedom to adapt applications according to their client’s needs. It is easy to generate groups of clients that will be served only those services that are useful to them. The bank’s web site is no longer the same for everybody. The bank is for the first time in position to offer targeted services to every single customer, taking into account the context in which the customer is currently located.