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Ready for secure banking

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Safe and secure

We have hired an independent company to test the platform security and its financial functions.

Protection of transaction is ensured by advanced mechanisms:

  • Digital signing of each transaction
  • Transactions encryption
  • Checking of transaction authorization

What is additionally validated is whether the account signatories meet the criteria necessary for the account to be sent (i.e. whether the signatory who created the account has the rights to create and/or send the accounts). Distributed transactions are used to ensure that each initiated transaction is processed correctly in all parts of the system, or, in the case of a fault, all parts of the system return to the state before the transaction. This includes, in the first place, transactions between applicative part of the system and the bank’s CORE systems.

Monitoring of suspicious client behaviour
Attempts of intrusion into the system while logging in are monitored, and, after a number of consecutive incorrect attempts, the policy of password locking is applied for a certain period of time that increases with every wrong logging attempt. Such a monitoring is integrated into Monitoring module, and the necessary analysis and alerts are performed on the System Center Operation Manager, as well as setting the server into the adequate state.